DAAS – Integrated Excel application for the automatic calculation and redaction of a hydrometrical study for water discharge and suspension alluvium

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The paper aims to present a novel application based on a multitude of other older applications, made mainly in Word and Excel, that are currently used to various extents in our country. DAAS refers to the abbreviation in the Romanian language for water discharge and suspension alluvium. Its main advantage is that each category of data (e.g., discharge, water level, turbidity, etc.) is introduced only once in each separate application. It also proposes a simplified mode of data input and more accurate data interpretation, which are now possible due to the improvements made in computation techniques. The DAAS application has seven worksheets: “Valmezi”, “Grafice iarna”, “Date Intrare”, “Centralizator”, “Chei anuale tabel”, “Cheia in lucru”, “Cheia anuala grafic”. While more complex applications have been developed to date and are used in other countries, for the time being they are too costly to implement in Romania, as compared to the DAAS application which is free. Furthermore, DAAS is in line with the current „Guidelines for the processing of hydrometrical data “.

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