Comparative analysis of the periods 1961 – 1990 and 1991 – 2020 regarding the impact of climate change on the date of the last frost on the territory of the Republic of Moldova

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The results obtained from the data analysis show us some obvious changes regarding the extreme date of the last frosts for the period 1991 - 2020, which know an advance towards the warm period of the year by about 10 days compared to the period 1961 - 1990, which tells us about the shrinking of the growing season.Also, the date of occurrence of early frost knows some changes. It manifests itself about 6 - 13 days earlier, which represents an advance towards the warm period, thus reducing the vegetation period.As a result, there is also a change in the frost-free period, which shows a decrease for Baltata and Tiraspol m.s. respectively by about 10 and 3 days recorded in the period 1991 - 2020 compared to the period 1961 - 1990.

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