Meteorological phenomena of risk in the Bâc hydrographic basin

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The climate changes in the Bâc watershed are part of the global trend of warming, and these changes can be observed by analyzing the frequency of some meteorological phenomena risk (fog, sleet, blizzard, hail). Analysis of appearance the fog tendency in the evolution aspect shows us a decrease in the Bâc hydrographic basin, starting from the ̉90s of the 20th century, when the rate of climate warming had been increasing. Analysis of the change trend in the annual number of days with glaze frost finds a general tendency to decrease, more significantly being expressed in the south-eastern part of basin, which is explained by regional changes as a consequence of climate change. Because of the frequent temperature alternations of the last decades during the winter, in regional aspect starting from the 80s of the 20th centuries, a decrease of the given phenomenon is observed

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